Types of Dreams



ill titleTypes of Dreams

When we are awake, we associate this with being who we are. It is the part of us in charge of all the decision making we do in the day. It is who think we are as an awake human. But in a dream state, our waking consciousness is normally turned off, so all the important faculties such as analytical abilities, logic and questioning tend to be dormant. But in a lucid dream, you literally walk a door from physical reality into one of pure mental existence. Your thoughts effortlessly paint the dreamscape and you have full mental faculties as you would if you were awake. Lucid dreaming is probably one of the best forms of dreaming that I can think of. You extend your conscious existence into a realm where you are the creator. Your abilities to imagine are increased to quantum levels where the very thought of a building can create architecture unlike anything imagined in our physical world. This is a place where you discover just how real and unlimited your imagination can be. The level or quality of the dream is yours to command. The rules of conduct are yours to decide. Anything imaginable can be expressed in fluid graceful motion in this dreamscape. It also opens up a great avenue for your curiosity.


This is where time and space no longer seem to fit any rational logical meaning. These dreams will put the twist on any logical thinker. Precognition is an ability to know and experience a future event before it ever occurs. Not everybody has had a precognitive dream that they remember, but many do. And déjà vu is the shadow of such colossal events in human consciousness. A part of you just skipped the time/space continuum to check out what it will be doing in some later date. Seldom controlled, these dreams are spontaneous, faint and ghost like.
You may wake up having full memory of them, but that quickly fades. And in the thoughts that a dream might be precognitive, such clear memory tends not to hold any precognitive value. These ones from my opinion are the hardest, and most stealthy of the dreams for our consciousness to behold. And for probably a good reason as we probably aren't ready for that knowledge until something in us decides that we are. If you have ever observed your waking state, you'll notice that your body with all of it's senses records your reality and stores this recording into memory as time progresses.
Occasionally for a precognitive dreamer, it is like a record has just skipped and you are playing the same verse over again. If you remember the dream, and have a clear memory the accuracy can scare you. These dreams can hold an eerie 100% accuracy down to the finest of details. Even to the details we think are totally spontaneous like our own inner contemplation and emotions. For example imagine that in a dream you are standing in a park that you have never been before. An old man wearing a blue jacket with a brown furry collar and yellow-Grey pants walks up to you and asks you if you have the time. You check your watch and your thoughts remark on the mans jacket. You check the watch and tell the man it is 12:15pm. He thanks you and walks off. You wake up, remember this clearly and let it slip back into the sub-conscious memory banks.

Months later, you are on vacation at some city. You go for a walk in a park to absorb the natural beauty that the city presents. The very man in your dream walks up as if in perfect timing, and he asks you the time, you respond and tell him it's 12:15pm, but this time you suddenly have a flash of déjà vu. Something really familiar about that man, the park, the time. You struggle with how you could know this and with some luck, your remember the dream. It was so clear at the time, and both the memory of the dream and the physical event map over each other like a perfect glove.

For many, this kind of small excerpt is common. A very brief one or two minute reminder that something more is going on than what you really truly know. Yet, not something that is totally hidden or alien to your consciousness. It's something we all naturally do, just some remember better than others.

Precognitive dreams can come once in a life time, or in an assault of unrelenting waves. The fact is, people have them whether they want to or not. You may be one of these people. And they are part of the tip of the iceberg for a much deeper spiritual you. If you have them, that's normal and actually there is nothing to be frightened of. I find that a lot of people tend to be intimidated by powerful precognitive dreams. I teach you to embrace them because they embark on a new science which we are slowly unraveling. And it is important to write down dreams if you yourself want to have more empirical evidence that you are having precognitive dreams. This will only help you for what comes next.


Actually, I like them, you may not. Nightmares can scare the *you know what* out of any of us. These dreams hold the paralyzing fears we have stored layer after layer in our jumbled consciousness. To me, they are nothing more than some crazy horror show gone haywire. It's the realm of demons, monsters, goblins, aliens, freak shows, murder, insanity, darkness. It's the realm of our deepest human fears struggling with our moral mind as to why we think what we think.

Nightmares force us to do two things, fight or flee. They are patterned after our survival instinct, and contain a warped Hollywood style to them when our hellish imagination gets the better of us. When I have a nightmare, I just change them to something more desirable. And if they get the better of me, I usually laugh right in them because I know that it's just a silly dream and I can change it at will. But for my personal investigation into myself, my nightmares reflected just only what I truly feared. And when I realized that I could exit in such a state as myself untouched by it all, the nightmare was harmless. Like a painter who got scared of the picture he painted. We still have control.

I like nightmares for one basic fundamental. They let us know we dream in a very loud and clear way. We may not like them, and it may detour the timid from expanding forward with conscious exploration of the dream state. But if your not easily frightened or intimidated, you can have some real fun with nightmares. I tend to mimic some of my more earlier role models such as Bug's Bunny's ability to stylishly deal with his vile villains. And like a villain, a nightmare can be turned into some really funny solution for problem solving. Nothing can hurt you if you don't let it. Self-control and discipline in dreaming is like achieving a black belt in karate. You will now have effective tools to deal with anything you don't want to dream about should you willfully desire to control it.

Day Dreams

Daydreaming is often overlooked as a proper dream, and regarded instead as wandering thoughts. However, the meanings to your nightly dream symbols are also applicable to your daydreams. The content in your daydreams are helpful in understanding your true feelings and will help you in achieving your goals. 

Daydreaming is the spontaneous imagining or recalling of various images or experiences in the past or the future. When you daydream, you are accessing your right brain, which is the creative and feminine side of your personality. Worrying about something creates visual images in your brain of the worst outcome that you are imagining and is a form of daydreaming. By repeating these negative images in your mind, you are more likely to make them happen. So the next time you start worrying, try to think of a positive outcome. Positive daydreaming is very healthy and acts as a temporary escape from the demands of reality. It is also a good way to release built up frustrations without physically acting them out.